Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Girl Scout Promise Flower Pot

A great (and easy) Daisy project to reinforce the Girl Scout Promise.

Advance prep/supplies:
1. mini clay pots
2. self-sticking foam flowers & bugs (or any kind of flower stickers, but 3 dimensional are more fun)
3. green card stock
4. GS Promise pre-printed on mailing label stickers or paper
5. fun decorative scissors
6. green pipe cleaners (chenille sticks), popsicle stick or balsa wood stick.
7. styrofoam or floral foam precut and fitted into clay pots
8. fake moss or crinkly stuffing
9. masking or duct tape
10. markers

Activity plan:
1. Pass out card stock and Promise sheet only.  Have girls affix promise to card stock and then trim edges of card stock with decorative scissors.
2. Write names on back of green sheet.
3. pass out foam flower stickers and clay pot for girls to decorate green sign and pot.
4. use masking tape or duct tape to attach pipe cleaner to back of cardstsock.
5. Help each Girl Scout push pipe cleaner into floral foam and cover with crinkly paper or moss.

Experience shows...

Girls love to decorate!  Always have extras!


1. cut out petals and create a Girl Scout Daisy with a blue promise center circle on green cardstock instead of making a bunch of flowers.
2. Buy bunches of fake flowers and have girls stick them into floral foam.  

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